Getting a prescription

Simply bring an up to date prescription and leave the rest to us! You can visit any high street optician for an eye test (some may charge more than others) and ask for a copy of your prescription. If you already have a prescription which is less than two years* old, then that prescription can be used. However the newer the prescription the better, as your eyes may have changed over time without you noticing.

Choosing your glasses

Come and visit us and choose from a variety of frames in stock at great value prices. We offer a relaxed atmosphere so you can browse at your own leisure, there are no high pressure sales tactics and our friendly and professional team are on hand to assist and advise if you need them to. Our experienced staff will help you choose your preferred style of frame and explain the lens options to suit your prescription and budget.

Collecting your new glasses

In most cases you can collect your new glasses within a few days. However more complex lenses will need more time to be made and generally take no longer than 2 weeks, a member of staff will inform you of an estimated time on placement of order. We contact you when your order is ready to collect and you don't need an appointment. A member of staff will make the final adjustments to ensure your new frame fits comfortably and correctly.


Lens options

Single vision lenses with anti-scratch coating are included with frame prices in store.


Bifocal lenses contain two prescription powers in one lens using a visible segment on the surface of the lens for the reading addition, ideal for people who do not want to switch between driving and reading glasses.


Varifocal lenses contain multiple prescription powers in one lens, the power progressively changes from distance to intermediate to reading. Unlike a bifocal, you cannot see the progression in the lens and there is no visible line on the surface of the lens. With 3 lens options you can choose how wide the field of vision is in your lens. Ideal for people who use the computer, drive and read.


Coatings and tints

Anti-scratch coating is included free of charge with any frame purchase.

Anti-glare coating is recommended for driving and using the computer, it reduces the glare from head lights, street lights, computers, phones etc. It can also reduce eye strain and lenses are clearer to see through compared to lenses without this coating.

Polarised lenses look like sunglasses lenses but reduce glare reflected off certain surfaces such as water. They allow wearers to see into water when you would normally only see surface glare. Ideal for drivers who struggle with glare from road surfaces in the sun.

Tinted lenses are ideal for any pair of glasses or sunglasses for all year round. Choose from a range of colours and choose how dark or light you would like your lens. Includes UV coating.

Photochromic lenses are clear indoors and automatically change to dark tinted lenses when exposed to UV rays in the sun. Ideal for use all year round for all types of weather. Choice of grey green or brown.

Thin & Light lenses

Depending on your prescription and the frame you choose you may want a thinner index of lens, this reduces the thickness of the lens making it cosmetically look better and also feel lighter to wear. We have 3 options of thinner lenses to choose from.


*If you are over 70 years of age your prescription must be less than 12 months old. Please also note we are not allowed by law to supply glasses to anyone under the age of 16.